The Sound Seat

"Best piece of gear I've gotten in years"

New! See the foot rest addon option

Words can't describe the first time I used my SoundSeat on a 3-4 hour acoustic gig. I play solo for hours sitting in front of audiences and it takes a huge toll on my legs and back. Over the years I've become less capable of recovering without bouts of back pain and other ailments but all that went away with the arrival of my SoundSeat. I went for years wanting one but always found some excuse not to pull the trigger.

After examining the features and options on several other player's SoundSeats and came to the conclusion that I needed the wide seat and also the wider foot ring to rest my feet on and the gas shock with adjustable height that would work not only as a chair on stage but also in the recording studio and office. Now I'm tempted to replace every chair in my office with Sound Seats. My wife even wants one for her desk now. Let me explain how I decided which model and options to choose. This might be one of the smartest purchases you'll ever make for comfort, health and functionality. 

First of all the ordering experience and customer service from J.R. and the SoundSeat company is outstanding. They even call you on the phone to make sure your package arrived and assembled with no problems. They go overboard making the customer happy. All this for prices that are pretty amazing for the quality chair you receive. This is the nicest leather chair I've ever owned of any type and it soars past all of the deluxe drummer thrones on the market. I can't count how many 200-300.00 drummer thrones I've seen break and the owner can't find parts to fix it. All that money down the drain for 2-3 years of usage. If they only knew about the SoundSeat.

I started off with the basic chair and added the wide seat option, custom height gas shock and the wider foot ring which is fully adjustable for height. I also ordered both the rolling casters and the regular non-rolling slider feet. I passed on the arms since I play guitar and dont need them. I can always order them as an add-on. I stuck with the standard black leather but I did order a second SoundSeat for my mentor and friend in a special yellow leather that was custom ordered. He has been using a yellow wooden stool to play on for decades and now he has a yellow sound seat.

We also had "Route 66" and his name embroidered onto the seat back. He was thrilled with the gift and plays on his SoundSeat 3-4 times per week now. He's 80 years old and I am hoping this chair will add more years to his playing career.

 The quality of the seat is apparent when you unpack and assemble it but the real treat is the type of high density foam in combination with the supple leather which gives a level of padding and comfort you simply cannot find in any other chair at any price.   I did find that during recording sessions it's a good idea to remove the back and simply sit on the stool portion of the chair. This eliminates any possibility of background noises and gives me the comfort I need during extremely long sessions. When I record I have to sit extremely still while playing and this puts an enormous amount of strain on my legs, back and rear end. Before the sound seat I would record for 2-3 hours and became sore for days. Now I have no problems since I began using the Sound Seat.

 One of the nice features of this chair is how the back can be adjusted for depth so that it fully supports your back during the gig. I chose the wider seat cushions and I'm very happy I did. I also use the chair to sit at my desk for 8 hours a day and it makes the best office chair ever. Unlike countless other expensive chairs this one also seems to remain just like new month after month. They have some other options such as a chair that breaks down and stores for travel but I am having no problems removing the back and carrying this chair everywhere I go. I can also rotate as I sit and play and this comes in very handy. Especially when I turn around to adjust the PA or amplifiers on stage. One of the best pieces of gear I've ever had and I'm sorry I waited 2-3 years to get one. Thanks J.R. and the Soundseat team. You were right all along. Keep up the great work. If you contact SoundSeat tell J.R. I sent you please.

I'm sitting on my Sound Seat as we speak.... AHH !

Although you can't see the SoundSeat hiding behind his coat it's there. This is one of my greatest musical mentors and a great man.. Mr Eddie Tigner. He's in the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and one of the members of the Original Inkspots. He's known for playing on a yellow wooden stool but now he uses a Yellow SoundSeat. His chops are better than any 35 year old and he can play the whole band under the stage.


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